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Simply One Hell of a Fan

Nerd, spoonie, amateur artist, animal lover, and wannabe Egyptologist with two cats, a growing library, and a strange love for thieves. Background from here.

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Feb 26 '13

And the awkward thought suddenly crosses my mind that I shouldn’t have Thief Bakura as my icon because I’m not worthy of him.


  1. texasdreamer01 said: You’re a Bakura. Why wouldn’t you have an icon of him?
  2. wobblywoods said: OH COME ON. it’s an icon. you’re thinking a little too hard about it. your icon can be whoever you want it to!!!
  3. octorpedo said: If your icon was anything else I don’t think I’d be able to identify you. (because of following thatsmrcattoyou i get so confused you’re both thief king bakuras it’s confusing)
  4. stealtharchaeologist posted this