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Simply One Hell of a Fan

Nerd, spoonie, amateur artist, animal lover, and wannabe Egyptologist with two cats, a growing library, and a strange love for thieves. Background from here.

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Oct 1 '14

Would you believe that I’m almost caught up on my bills again?

AND with any luck I might be able to get a car of my own again soon?


Sep 30 '14

Okay. Georgia. Your tutoring session cancelled on you. Now is the perfect time to go get groceries.

… naaaahhhh

Sep 30 '14

Despite the challenges and all the stress, I do love being a teacher.

Know how I know why?

I just totally wasted my two-hour lunch between jobs to scour the internet for World Literature books appropriate for my kids who are reading at far below grade level.

I didn’t even think twice about it. Lunch can wait.

Sep 30 '14

I like using the term “demi” because you don’t know if I’m demisexual or a demigod.

Sep 28 '14

Man, I’m hungry and I don’t know what to eat…

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Sep 27 '14

… my dash is dead.

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Sep 27 '14

Doctor, WHY would you hide in the BEDROOM if you were worried she was bringing a guy home?!

You’re either just as oblivious as your former incarnation, or you totally did that purposely.

Sep 27 '14

Once again, my mom yells at me for not getting over to her house early enough to help her with her work (which she gets paid for, I don’t).

Whatever. I think it’s time to catch up on Doctor Who.

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Sep 27 '14
Stealtharchaeologist - Accent meme

I never realized before now how much I drawl. o____o That’s kind of disturbing. Though I sound a bit like Ruby Rose…

This is over ten minutes long, I’m sorry. I ramble a lot. D:

And I did forget somebody I know IRL - anonymousedward, who practically LIVED AT MY APARTMENT HOW COULD I FORGET.

(You can hear a cat occasionally.)

Tagging the people who messaged me so you guys see it: thats-so-roentgen, doctorghoti, fangirlinginleatherboots, dimin-hall, myawesomelittlecorneroftheworldharechanart, coffeepott, blood-prince-of-persia, sophie-kitty

Sep 27 '14

I’ve gone ahead and recorded the thing. XD It’s over ten minutes long… what the hell.

Any last takers? I need two more~

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