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Simply One Hell of a Fan

Nerd, spoonie, amateur artist, animal lover, and wannabe Egyptologist with two cats, a growing library, and a strange love for thieves. Background from here.

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Sep 19 '14

Okay, but seriously, how did a SNAKE get in my apartment?! And why didn’t I find it before my cats did? :(

Sep 19 '14

There’s a dead snake in my apartment.

I’m so upset and sad right now, and also very confused.

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Sep 17 '14
Sep 17 '14

Am I really late in finding this or has everybody SEEN the extra Book of Circus manga chapter that came out THIS MONTH?!

Damn you, Yana Toboso. Damn you for making me like Noah’s Ark even more. And damn Ciel for having that bonding experience and knowing their pasts and STILL thinking it was okay to kill them all.

Sep 16 '14

Today is the first day I’m working at the tutoring place since I told the boss about all the crap the head instructor has been pulling. She said she’d talk to him yesterday. I’m really nervous about dealing with him.

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Sep 15 '14

I have achieved the ultimate level of nerddom:

Receiving submissions of Yu-Gi-Oh fanfics written in Latin.

(Surpassed, perhaps, by writing said fics… )

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Sep 12 '14

Guess who actually feels like grocery shopping and doing laundry today.

And then my mom reminds me that I’M NOT ALLOWED TO CARRY THINGS.


Sep 12 '14

Can’t decide if I want to get lots done today or nothing at all.

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Sep 12 '14

Watched the last episode of Book of Circus.


Sep 12 '14

Cinder Fall making every “straight” girl question her sexuality 2014.

I haven’t even watched the new episode yet.