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Aug 9 '12

Reblog with the meaning of your name(s)






First: (English) from Denmark

Middle: (English) clearing, meadow

Last: (English) Fiery torch, beacon

(Flaming Danish Meadow. That’s me.)

Todd: (English) Fox
Lysander: (Greek) One who is Freed
Kirvin: (Gaelic) Beautiful at Birth
Kaufman: (German) Merchant 

First Name: (Hewbrew) Gift from God.

Middle Name: (Vietnam) Jade

First Name/Middle Name: (Vietnam) Gentle spirit

Last Name [Nguyen]: I can’t find the exact meaning, but yes, the history attached with this last name does apply to my family in terms of military and royalty personal in China/Vietnam.

English name: (Greek) Oyster vomit pearl
First name: (Vietnam) intelligent, clever; bright
middle name: (Vietnam) jade
last name: (Chinesemusical instrument

…. so I am a pearl that is also a clever/bright jade and a musical instrument. what the fuck does that even begin to look like

first name: (greek) farmer

middle name: (celtic/gaelic) god is gracious

last name: (german) WHO KNOWS. I’ve never been able to find out what the name means, and it doesn’t help that it was changed when my family immigrated into something i think they thought was less overwhelmingly german… spoilers it’s still very german.

first name: (greek) farmer - and no, I didn’t forget to change this from the person above me. XD

middle name: unknown, possibly French “miller”, now popularized by an American poet.

last name: (italian) slave … yep.

(Source: ancientbard)